Corporate Governance is often described by referring to rules, regulations, processes, practices and policies through which companies are directed, administered or controlled. Boardroom Dynamics is a subset of Corporate Governance. Its particular focus is on the actual and perceived roles, behaviour and  attitudes in the boardroom and the effectiveness of the directors in the process of making decisions. Do they create value, added value to the company? Boardroom dynamics may include all references to the complementary composition of the board, the need for female directors and to the duties and the performance of the chair person, all for the benefit of better dynamics. 


This website was created with the objective to assist board members, corporate secretaries, academics, researchers, students and the public at large in finding the relevant sources, links and publications.  


The start of this website is easy and straightforward. Under the folder THE NETHERLANDS, the jurisdiction of this website editor, we publish a reference to his recent publication THE CHAIRMAN MAKES OR BREAKS THE BOARD. It is in Dutch, but it contains an elaborate English summary. 


All persons and institutions interested in boardroom dynamics are invited to use this website for references to publications and sources in their jurisdictions. We will be glad to assist. 


Steven Schuit